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SARA Recognized Institution

On June 22, 2015, New Mexico State University (NMSU) became a SARA Recognized Institution and a member of the National Council of State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA). Thus, NMSU abides by the national standards for the interstate offering of distance education (DE) courses and programs. Being a SARA Recognized Institution increases access to NMSU distance education for students from other states and territories.

NMSU State Authorization Map

If you physically reside outside New Mexico and are currently enrolled in or are planning to enroll in a Distance Education program at NMSU, the following State Authorization information applies to you.

State Authorization does not apply to NMSU Las Cruces campus students from other states who take online courses while living in Las Cruces and taking them in combination with face-to-face courses. 

Before you can enroll in an NMSU distance education program or course, NMSU must be authorized in your state to offer distance education. Please note for distance education  programs with internships, clinicals, and practicums additional state restrictions may apply for which NMSU might not be authorized.

To find out the NMSU’s authorization status in your state, review your state’s status information. It’s recommended you check back. Since NMSU is working on getting authorized in more states or a state becomes a SARA state, this information will change.

US State Authorization

Washington DC


Term   Meaning
Exempt Students in these states can enroll in NMSU’s Distance Education programs.
Limited Students in these states can enroll in some of NMSU’s Distance Education programs. NMSU may not be authorized to offer some DE programs with internships, clinicals, or practicums. You will need to review the requirements of the DE     program and your state’s status information to determine if you can enroll.
Not Authorized Students in these states can not enroll in NMSU’s Distance Education programs at this time.
Alabama - Exempt
Alaska - Exempt
Arizona - Exempt
Arkansas - Exempt
California - Exempt
Colorado - Exempt
Connecticut - Limited
Delaware - Limited
Florida - Limited
Georgia - Limited
Hawaii - Exempt
Idaho - Exempt
Illinois - Exempt
Indiana - Exempt
Iowa - Exempt
Kansas - Exempt
Kentucky - Exempt
Louisiana - Limited
Maine - Exempt
Maryland - Exempt
Massachusetts - Limited
Michigan - Exempt
Minnesota - Limited
Mississippi - Exempt
Missouri - Exempt
Montana - Exempt
Nebraska - Exempt
Nevada - Exempt
New Hampshire - Exempt
New Jersey - Limited
New Mexico - Exempt
New York - Limited
North Carolina - Limited
North Dakota - Exempt
Ohio - Exempt
Oklahoma - Exempt
Oregon - Limited
Pennsylvania - Exempt
Rhode Island - Exempt
South Carolina - Exempt
South Dakota - Exempt
Tennessee - Limited
Texas - Exempt
Utah - Exempt
Vermont - Exempt
Virginia - Exempt
Washington - Limited
West Virginia - Exempt
Wisconsin - Exempt
Wyoming - Exempt
Washington DC - Exempt